img_20160925_183002 I could see his humanity, his imperfectness, his belief in what he was doing and what he was fighting for, willing to kill for- it was all there, written in his face. Just like us. Just like us- I could see it all- and we were on opposite sides of this war.

In the distance a bell began to ring. They started to screech. They were transported to somewhere else. 

I could see him as a dad, or an eccentric uncle, not as a son, I could see him like eating stacks of eggs and meat sliced thinly and fried with lots of drink on the side, rip-roaring at life as he sits, daring everyone to up him on something, only for him to attack with s blunt fist, cuz that’s what his angry words were like- in coming at you, super fast, round and hard, clenched up, a fist. Just like you, just like us or someone we know.

And we fight on the opposite sides of this war.

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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