The other side of the wall

img_20161029_233001Said the first lady to the second

” Maybe there is a land, a secret place where there grows blue things and people and there is enchantment and wonder and power and romance, and you could ride off.into the sunset with smoking guns and a cowboy hat slung low over your face or maybe there are stories that are real, or a silvery garden where there are orphans from long ago, trapped in time.”

Said the second to the first

“Or maybe there is a pile of trash and flies and black birds circle and caw and old tom cats yowl and small rats and large rats tunnel in and form cities and crumble and old box men eat and drink and sit all sad and puppet-like and social services and government people tut, and eat their hats, and lots of old lost things sit and gather mold and all sorts of stinks and smells…”

Said the first lady to the second

“You have no whimsical-ness in you my dear!”

Said the second to the first:

“You are too full of hot air and idealism and flowery wishy-washy-ness my dear

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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