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The completeness of the ultimacy of intersectional partiality with compliance and implementation of both autotypes and female agency should make such platforms so complete,  they become redundant.”
The sort of incomprehensible statement that seems to define us today… 

I suppose it is my fault for liking shock and awe pages. For giving into that feel good feeling that comes with reading a overly simplistic  set of articles that claim to involve occurrances of bigotry, misogyny, body shaming, and how they were put rather finally down, killed off. Or a set of cute cats, turtles, baby humans, or small acts of kindness involving money and notes and possibly a meal and how we all are people after all in such meaninglessly presented ways.  There is this fundamental act of making a POINT. Like how x shared a lengthy post about how x doesn’t do this or that or let her or his children do this or that, when this or that is a widely accepted thing to do. There is a basic level of simple inspiration, except the language and thought process of the news page or viral news or whatever is not present, all there is is a desire for shocking headlines and clicks and money…Or there is a moral simplification… Feminism is feminism and there’s only one way to think about it, and thus only stories that prove this one way will be reported on. We will either report on your cute cat or human rights, there’s nothing else worth talking about because we make the social simplication that the shallow fun loving cool kids used to because we, like them, want to be popular widely. The language is so basic and so minimal, its like we all forgot how to speak, its like we don’t care about words anymore or their mystical power, we don’t care about un reality or imagination or all the things we cannot perceive, all the wistfulness inside our heads…

Most “inspirational” stories spread widely online are sickening because of their overbearingness or simplified or unempatheticness or black and whiteness or silly or preachy or holier-than-thou or look-at-me or arrogant-humbleness or show-offy or wordy or bubble worldness or lack of reality or lack of any literary respect for language by the writer of the stories or blind followingness of their proponents/readers or the almost-religious-like way they are spouted by almost every other person today as the “truth” or their rigidness or their claim not just to rightness but also to being the only right way,  or the fact there is just something so awful and materialistic about selling and buying inspiration, which is almost done by everybody today…

I will despise you if reading self-help books is your idea of literature…

If any of those italic things in the second paragraph occur, many news agencies seem to flock to it like the small brown chemical-ly ants that dart after any artficially sweetened mango juice set on table tops…

What happened to the wild and the free, the sense that the truth is so deep and justice isn’t shallow or easy, what happened to depth and sadness and feelings and peopleness, 

What happened to the nockity monster or the Oura or the Oau, 

What happened to non-conformity and being different?

What about the eerie and the odd and the strange and the mad? What about life and soul and the small things that really matter? 

Why are we all so inhuman in our clicks?

Its all about money.

I am NOT making a POINT. I am sick of the internet doing that.

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An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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