This life

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This life of ours so precious

I walked down the road to nowhere again

in Westerly 98 drive

it’s 1998 again,

& it’s too precious, too precious,

too full of hope and flashes

of yesteryear as one city flashes by underneath,white and grey, but mostly white, no green, no green, only dust & the Salty Lake, the one so revered on postcards & castles & seagulls, revered on them all,

& flashes into another, a city far away, revered & legendary, longed for & missed,

& the apprehensiveness we felt,

the patience , the strangeness,

the oddness & the weird, but above all, those smiling, polite faces & the green, dark deep green, green, and more green…

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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