Fashion of today

The fashion of today is a reaction to the past. There was a lady at the pharmacy who seemed so close now to my age, and that just seemed a little weird. You see, her scarf looked a little stylish and a little new, and her face had that sass that those cool nice girls a little senior used to wear as they swished in front of us in their green graduating robes and made us feel awed that there were people who finshed in this place. Thats what the pharmacy lady was- and her face was a little care worn and strained and it got me thinking of the real meaning of graduation and its implications and what was it all really for. And also why does the pharmacy worker suddenly look cool and stylish to me, when for years, they, all this ones age at various points in time, my time, were dowdy frumpy old aunts who were a little too brisk, careless and hurried? Why does the fashion of those close to me in age seem to be all right in fashion taste and ideal wise when those below are too radical and those above are too dowdy (again)? Do dowdy aunts look fashionable to other dowdy aunts? Do they go out of their way to be dowdy and impress other aunts with their dowdiness? It is just a subtle way of folding ones scarf or holding oneself or

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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