define good


I guess a cultural expectation that surprised me was that be alone is somehow strange.

People are complicated. That should have been obvious given how many times its said to us over the years. Except I never really understood, due to the bubble I live in. The people who annoy me the most are those who refuse to accept that everyone will have a unique perspective of things, even the deepest sacred things, and expect everyone to think like them, and their narrow group-herd-mentality. Stifling and oppressive! They are usually the harshest in condemning those who think differently from them on issues that usually have freedom attached, and do not involve the basic rights of a person, and thus do not deserve such narrow rigidity. They are usually those who claim to be lone voices in solitude against an advancing,  entirely untrustworthy, immoral, in all the smallest of ways, army of the humans of this world. They are the scariest, the ones you most want to run away from and avoid. Because they will only approve of you, if you ever get their approval (shudder), until they get to know you more.

I guess the complexity lies for me in those exceptional people, perhaps among your uni classmates, perhaps among those you meet later or earlier,  who have huge kind sides of them, and yet they say that one sentence, that one word, have that one expectation that for them is unquestionable, and for you is not. It leaves you confused and you realize its a lack of experience on their side, that they never expected that their mixture of kindness, and pressure of expectations would be autocratic, so, so autocratic, and they don’t know what people can be like. To them either a person is bad, or is good and nothing in between.

please define good. please define goodness. please define good. please define goodness and good.

you cannot.



About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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