Bodily functions are the weirdest oddest thing. The most important people have them as well as others. I wonder if spies ever took advantage of the desperate need to poo after a milky breakfast for the large numbers of lactose intolerant south asian subcontinent people, or if battle strategies were held in place simply by providing adult diapers to the soldiers. Farting is something that still strikes me as odd. Its rude to fart in some places, yet its unhealthy to hold it in. Either you learn to hold it in or fart silently or go and not care about the annoyed reaction around you. Or campaign for a more fart tolerant society. Of course everyone could just laugh it off. It is funny. Imagine if that was commercialized as an experience. Like a food that made people fart loudly and smelly-ly was sold at fair stands and people stood around eating, farting, laughing.

Burps are always slightly more acceptable due to obvious reasons, but they can be loud and smelly and commercializable too.

I wonder if indomitable formidable people ever paused to fart or burp or vomit in the most vulnerable of ways, or was it part of their tyranny or force to be impeccably not gassy all the time.

These type of meanderings can only come in the dire need to poo, after eating the said lactose filled meal. Do you find pooing- a good pooing- satisfying or annoying?

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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